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Welcome to Nursery

In nursery the class teacher, Mrs Tonge is supported by Miss Foulkes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning and Mr Mahmood on Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday.


Every child has a wonderful time at Holy Trinity’s nursery.  There is always so much to do.  Outside the children enjoy riding around on the bikes and cars, making mud pies in the gravel kitchen and building castles. Whilst inside they love dressing up, painting, cutting and sticking and making cakes in the play dough area  They also enjoy sharing stories, learning new songs and nursery rhymes and playing lots of games.

You can see lots of photographs of your children enjoying themselves at nursery on this website.

January 2019 – This term we have started a new topic called ‘Once upon a time….’ which will focus on several traditional tales including ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’.

We have begun this term with each child planting their own bean seed and together we have made our very own own gigantic class beanstalk!

During this topic the children will also learn to count and sort different types of bean, recognise and order numbers on a beanstalk and play Jack and the Beanstalk roll the dice games.  In English the children will learn how to write a simple set of instructions to grow a bean plant.



Look at how our beans have grown!   The children have really enjoyed watching their bean seed grow and this week have taken them home to take care of at their homes.  I wonder if they will go on a magical adventure just like Jack?


Autumn 2018 – This term our learning challenge is called ‘ I took a stroll in the deep, dark woods ….’    During this topic the children have been sharing stories by the well known children’s author Julia Donaldson.   The children began by reading the story ‘Room on a Broom’ and enjoyed dressing up as witches and wizards, making their own magic potions and wands as well as having a go at writing spells.

In November the children began reading the story ‘The Gruffalo’.   The children enjoyed learning about the different animals in the story and helped to make their own class book on animal facts.  They also enjoyed mark making in mud and retelling the story using puppets from the story in their very own forest area!

In December the Stick Man came to visit us!  The children made their own stick man puppets, counted and ordered sticks according to their length and enjoyed playing simple maths board games with a Stick Man theme.



Here are some of the children enjoying themselves in their first few weeks at nursery September 2018!

This half term our ‘Learning Challenge’ is called

             “My World Your World”



During this topic the children in nursery will be learning about the world in which they live.  They will find out about different countries, their foods, languages and cultures.  Much of the children’s work will center upon the book’Anna Hibiscus Song’ by Atinuke and Lauren Tobia a story about  a little girl who lives in Africa with her family.  The children will find out where Africa is on a globe and what life is like living in an African village.  They will also explore African animals, dance to African music and make traditional African print art work.  Within the story there is a strong emphasis on family and togetherness.  The children will therefore be given lots of opportunities to talk about themselves and their family.


              “Are all minibeasts scary?”



During this topic the children will explore the outdoor area and use scientific equipment to name and learn about different types of minibeast.  The children will experience observing and even hold some minibeasts.  They will also discover what they eat, where they live, how they move and many more interesting facts.  The children will share lots of stories about minibeasts but in particular will closely read the books ‘Aaarrrgh Spider!’ by Lydia Monks, ‘Yucky Worms’ by Vivian French  and ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ by Julia Donaldson. Throughout this topic the children will be provided with many opportunities to draw, paint and make the many different minibeasts they have discovered.

Below are some photo’s of when the children went on a minibeast hunt around the outdoor area.  The children found lots of different types including spiders, woodlouse, ants and even dug under the ground to find a worm!






Spring Term

         “Would you sail the seven seas with a pirate?

In this topic the children will be offered many opportunities to learn all about pirates – what they wore, how they talked, how they travelled and what adventures they went on.   The children will listen to and share a variety of books, poems and songs with a pirate theme in particular,  the books ‘Captain Yellow Belly’ and ‘The Night Pirates’.


The children will also dress up and pretend to be pirates and go on a hunt for treasure!





          “Would you like to live in the Arctic?”

The children began this topic with the ‘WOW’ moment of coming into class to find a Winterwonderland!  The investigated ice balloons and observed what changes took place to the ice when they sprinkled salt on top.  You will see from the photographs below how much they enjoyed touching and talking about the ice.





Snow Angel Alisha

During this topic the children will learn lots of information about the Arctic.  They will find the answers to lots of questions including where in the world is the Arctic circle? Who lives there?  What do the people who live there eat and what do they wear? Which animals live there?

The children will also experience many different activities including cutting paper to make snow flakes, creating their own igloos using sugar cubes and junk modelling, painting icy pictures on foil, making their

Ahmed the polar bear

own Inuit stone art work and much much more.

The children in nursery will be taught maths through an arctic theme.  The children will be given the opportunity to count icicles, snow balls and snow flakes, find out how many snow balls they can throw into a bucket in 1 minute, count and measure who can build the tallest ice cube tower and use arctic animals to learn the positional language (on, under, below, next to) to name but a few.

In English the children will share and read a variety of books about Arctic and Inuit life, write a caption for a snowy picture, write labels for an Inuit boy and  polar bear         and write a letter to adopt a polar bear.




Autumn 2017 – Topic

           “Would you invite a wizard to your party?”


During this topic the children in nursery will be writing invitations, party lists, birthday cards, spells and potions.  Creating their own wand, wizard hat and birthday cake.  Reading lots of different stories about witches and wizards, castles and princesses and much, much more!


Having fun mark making using orange sand and sticks.




The brush bus visits our class every day. All children in Nursery brush their teeth once a day whilst they are at school.

Having fun mark making with mud and sticks.




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