Class 2 (Y2)
30 class size

Welcome to Year 2

Class 2 is taught by Mrs Brodmann, supported by Mrs Blakeley and Mrs Munir.

We are working hard this term on Measurement involving addition and subtraction, writing stories using expanded noun phrases in English and adding suffixes and apostrophes to words in Phonics.

In Art we are creating Arabian magic flying carpets using sewing and gluing. Keep checking for photos when they are completed.

We explored life in the 1960s in History. See our pictures below from our visitor Miss Parkington who told us all about Holy Trinity in the 1960s!

We have also been on a trip to Manchester to learn about our local city and Eureka to learn about programming a robot.

If parents wish to sign up for to support their child reviewing phase 5 and learning phase 6, please click on the link for active resources.

Please find below a SATs guide for parents which includes ways in which you can help prepare and support your child for their SATs in May 2018. Hover over the image and click page 2 on the bottom of the image to view the second page. For more information and practice SAT papers visit


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